Frantz Brent-Harris   -  Graphic Designer  
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Frantz Brent-Harris Graphic Design Studio Inc.
Getting the attention you deserve

Frantz Brent-Harris is an Artist Director with a full service design studio.

For over 10 years Frantz Brent-Harris has offered art direction, illustration, photography, corporate identity, graphic design and website design. Frantzís recent roles include national work with clients that have international, provincial and local audiences

Frantz assists clients with expressing their vision through the most appropriate medium and selecting the right resources for developing and executing the project.

Mr. Brent-Harrisís professional experience spans various sectors including commercial and not for profit agencies. Frantz has developed and implemented corporate identity, graphic design and photography.

Frantz Brent-Harris builds your brand. Frantzís skills, energy and commitment will ensure each project is delivered on time and exceeds expectations.

We look forward to working with you in the near futureÖ.